The One Hit Wonderers 2023

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The One Hit Wonderers, the band that’ll play the hits of the poor souls that went through all the rigors of putting a band together, have one hit only to vaporize. They left us with a catalog of great songs that we proudly keep alive, along with our dedicated fans.

When an accomplished group of musicians gets together with a singular vision it can be something special. The members of “The One Hit Wonderers”, are a review of One Hitters and have played with a Who’s Who of rock royalty from Chuck Berry to The Who’s Roger Daltry; from Loggins and Messina to the First Lady of Soul, Aretha Franklin; from jazz legends Wynton Marsalis, Larry Coryell and Victor Wooten, as well as classical virtuoso Leonard Bernstein among others. Today, the members of “The One Hit Wonderers”, the very same musicians who have shared the stage with legends, will perform the music of a lifetime. They will fill your heart with joy and your soul with smiles. This is the music you bop to, the music you sing in your car, the songs you know and love. You will dance all day and say, “I love that song!”. Sonoma Beach Productions is proud to introduce the accomplished musician and composer Gary Oleyar of Sonoma Beach Productions, LLC and is proud to present “I Love That Song” an original musical theater production. “The One Hit Wonderers”, has an impressive lineup of outstanding musicians and vocal artists bringing your favorite hits of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s to life! This show will bring you the songs you know and love, from a collection of many decades. Feel the warm nostalgia…feel the thrilling excitement of “I Love that Song”, Meet the Band: Gary Oleyar (Guitar, Violin, vocals), Kevin Brennan (Lead Vocals), Andy Huenerberg (Bass), John Colaiacovo (Keyboards), Lou Petto (Drums), and more that will be joining.

49 thoughts on “The One Hit Wonderers 2023”

  1. The One Hit Wonderers are a human jukebox on shuffle. This talented ensemble is a sonic time machine that will leave you saying, “Oh yeah, gosh I remember….”
    Danny Coleman
    Host “Rock On Radio”

  2. WOW, I was pleasantly taken back in time when I went out with my girlfriend Jill…Introducing me to a show called “I love that Song” performed by The One Hit Wonderers…This left me with a feeling of excitement and joy , that I wanted to listen to it over and over again. It reached back in my treasure chest of memories and emotions, that it gave me goosebumps I started to cry. The music brought me back to place of fond memories and made me realize how I missed these songs. The concept and deliver one hits, hit me to my happy place a home run. Thank you for bringing The One Hits back to the forefront of my heart and soul. Goosebumps pumping. Looking forward to seeing at a live show!!
    You got my attention.
    Colby Bennett

  3. Kingsley Dougherty

    The One Hit Wondereers will play all of the music we all love, when I heard these guys I just loved this music. The musical memories all came rushing back, bringing a smile. I started singing and dancing to the music! This is music played by musicians who love this music! I couldn’t stop saying I love that song!
    Host: Sunday Morning Music
    WSIM Radio 103.5

  4. Gina DiArchangel

    I have been listening to and LOVING the music of the One Hit Wonderers since their music became available. I can’t wait to get the chance to see them live! I’ll be the one dancing and singing with a big smile on my face. What a joy it is to listen to these talented musicians play the songs we used to sing and dance along to. The selection of songs they are playing bring back memories from a happy and joyful time in my life. Hearing them played again brings me right back and warms my heart These songs, these musicians are sure to please the crowd! I am thrilled you guys decided to start a project like this..pure happiness!!! Can’t wait for the live performance!

  5. We are at Tim McCloones RIGHT NOW and enjoying the “time machine” back to when we were kids.
    Love, Love, Love the music and THE WONDERERS. Having a blast sitting right up front.
    Wish them the best in all their musical travels.
    God Bless

  6. My wife and I just saw you guys in Asbury Park last night. It was fabulous! We enjoyed every moment of it. Brought back a lot of memories too! It was the most fun we have had on a night out in quite a while.
    Thanks guys!!!

  7. My wife and I just saw you guys in Asbury Park last night. It was fabulous! We enjoyed every moment of it. Brought back a lot of memories too! It was the most fun we have had on a night out in quite a while.
    Thanks guys!!!

  8. We were at their premiere show last night at Tim McCloones in Asbury Park, NJ. Yes, we were that table of four sitting right up front by the stage. And yes, we’re we’re also that table of four who were rocking out to every song played. My legs are actually killing me today because I was keeping time to every song as they performed them. We haven’t had a better night in a long time. All the songs they played and sang were “our songs” and brought back amazing memories of our younger days.
    Thank you One Hit Wonderers for such a great and enjoyable evening. We will remember last night for a long time.

  9. I brought my wife to see the show in Asbury. I have to say that that every song you guys played I have on my antiquated shuffle. And yes it brings me back to my much younger days and also to 20years of being a boy scout leader with my boys begging to crank up the speaker and dancing around the campfire. When Guardians of the Galaxy came one scout complained that the movie stole troop 50’s songs!
    I very much look forward to seeing you guys play again.

  10. Love the song list and can’t wait to see the show! Can we hope to see In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida on the list someday?

  11. I was at your concert tonight at Hacpac in Hackensack. I enjoyed you performance very much. I looked at your list of songs and I would like to suggest two more.

    The first one hit wonder has been a big favorite of mine for years. Its performed by “Rocky Bernette” and the song is “Tired of Toein the line”. Can’t sit still when its on.

    A second one hit wonder that I like (not as much the first one) is performed by the “Joe Jeffery Group” and the song is “My pledge of love”.

    Looking forward to seeing you again.

  12. Hey I just want to acknowledge the band. Especially Gary you did so awesome on singing lead vocals in Hackensack when your other band partner couldn’t make it through that day . Im so glad ya made a comeback by letting the show still go on. It takes guts and dedication and ya made the whole crowd laugh between songs. Great team, ya made it happen! And It all went great! 👏👏 Great job guys! And P.S. Missing band partner, you missed all the great fun!

    1. Thank you, Amanda! It was a great pleasure to be there at the HacPAC with you. And
      thanks for the kind words. Please come back and have a serving a Kevin, too!

      1. Hi there band, yay I made it for the second time, now here in Clifton , Kevin you made it! You rock. And Gary great on that violin once again, drummer, base, keyboardist, ya all did awesome! 👏👏👏👏👏 Great to see you guys perform again. I LOVE THAT SONG! ONE HIT WONDERERS WOOHOOO! I LOVE THAT BAND

  13. Jill S Canarick

    Hello Music Lovers.
    We are adding a new date to the calendar for November 20, 2022,
    My Father’s Place is located at The Metropolitan Restaurant and Bar
    3 Pratt Blvd. Glenn Cove, NY
    Showtime: Sunday Brunch, 1:00 Pm
    To secure your seats, please use the address below.

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  15. Just some 25 year old who feels lost wandered onto one of your shows today. I rarely go outside, but man you guys showed me how amazing music is. I admire this band’s passion for their crafts. Amazing band, timeless vibes.

  16. Hey you guys are amazing! Im 26 and just vibing to the songs. What a great band!! Sending love from Clifton park!💕💕🙏

  17. Me and my Mom had the BEST time at your show, you don’t even know how much fun. We were dancing in the back and I haven’t heard 75% of the songs played but I’m a new fan of both you guys and the songs like Fly Robin Fly or Hold Your Head High. You guys all performed amazing, and that violin playing omg!

  18. Great show last night. How about Come On Down To My Boat Baby by Every Mother’s Son for a future one hit and The Critters Younger Girl and Mr. Dieingly Sad for a 2 fer hit?….Thanks…

  19. Another subconcept idea; “The Weirdest Wonders.” While not all single hits in all cases, they certainly all are weird.
    Alley Oop, The Jolly Green Giant, You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd. Little Red Riding Hood, Tie Me Kanagaroo Down. And, of course, the classic weirds Poison Ivy, Peanut Butter, Charlie Brown. Saw you at New Hope. GREAT SHOW, especially for all old Garage Banders.

  20. Saw you guys last night for the first time at the New Hope Winery and you were awesome! Looking forward to future events in New Jeresy.

  21. I met up with the manager, Jill Canarick at the One Hit Wonderers Show! Was such an amazing show in New Hope, PA! Not growing up around this music gave me a unique perspective. The music was slow and mellow to me at first and began to pick up. The music was upbeat and catchy. It was also great to dance to. The drummer, the base player, keyboard and singers were amazing! Each musician were able to read the room and adjust their style to the energy of the room. It felt like they were singing directly to me. They hit all the notes! I would definitely like to see this group again! Thank you!

  22. Went to one hit wonders show at new hope winery last weekend with my friend/manager Jill C and glad I got the invite. The music was a throwback to songs I’ve not heard in decades..uplifting, refreshing and recalling the lyrics was a lot fun. Thank you for resurrecting the music of the past in this show. Super special and fun❤️

    1. It was wonderful having my best friend Karen C by my side enjoying the show with the music from our past. Looking forward to the next show coming to Long Island at My Father’s Place on November 20, 2022.

  23. Save the date: February 3, 2023
    Winterfest in New Hope, Pa. at New Hope Winery
    Showtime: 8:00 PM
    Come join us for a chilling show. It’s going to be really special!
    Please keep checking back for Tickets on sale, soon.
    Thanks and looking to seeing you at the show. Jill

  24. We are coming back to Tim McLoone’s Supper Club on November 12, 2022. Let’s sell this baby out again. Get your tickets early. Tickets will go on sale soon, please stay tuned.
    Showtime 8:00 PM
    Doors open 6:30

  25. It was great seeing you guys tonight at McLoone’s supper club, it was a lot of fun. I told you I would send them this song I want my opinion is the greatest one hit wonder of the 70s it’s a song called thunder Island by Jay Ferguson

  26. Saw you last night in Stonebridge and we are all still talking about you. You were all absolutely amazing. Truly, did not want it to end. Thank you for a fabulous night out.

  27. Joseph Starvaggi

    Just saw the band at the Wonderbar in Atlantic City. They are fantastic. Brought back excellent memories and they sound great!

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