These are a bunch of videos we shot when we were just putting the band together. A couple
of these performances were the first time we actually made it to the end of the song without
stopping! We knew we were on to something when we could post this stuff up without being
completely embarrassed. Please enjoy! Then come see us at a theater near you for the full show.

Here’s ‘Go All The Way’ by The Raspberries

And here’s ‘Bend Me, Shape Me’ by The American Breed (you’ll all recall 😉

This was better than I thought! KEV, YEAH MAN! ‘Fooled Around And Fell In Love’

The definitive ‘one hit wonder’ song, ‘Brandy’ by The Looking Glass, a band of Rutgers alumni.

The Archies made this one work like a 90 mile an hour fastball.

Awww, Come on….

And in the new order, the lyrics to this one might be considered ‘a little out of step’ but, yeooow, what a good song, so we’re doing it anyway.