As a mission statement/disclaimer I’m compelled to say something to those
who may not ‘get it’ about the band schtick.

We got some grief about the song ‘All Right Now’ by Free from somebody and I was
admonished that they weren’t a One Hit Wonder. Well, Wikipedia says they were and I
found this on the net, too.

Okay,. let’s get this straight right from the top, we are looking for ‘excuses’, in fact, any
cheap and comical excuse to include songs like this that we all love, not ‘reasons’ to
exclude songs like this that we all love! Please understand goin’ in that the theme of the
band is called ‘The One Hit Wonderers’ perfoming a show entitled “I LOVE THAT SONG”

and accept that this endeavor is to perform songs from this list, not to NOT perform these
great songs. So if anything, please feel free to present factoids and cheap technicalities
that will *include* rather than *exclude* songs.

In the event of a tie or a ‘ah, what the hey!’ we’re doing it anyway.

In fact, if you can think of any cheap and comical excuse for us to be able to include
any England Dan and John Ford Coley songs, please bring it on! They had 3 great tunes,
‘We’ll Never Have To Say Goodbye’, ‘Nights Are Forever’ and ‘I’d Really Love To See You
Tonight’. They were all top 10. If you can think of an angle that allows us to put one, the
other or all 3 on the song list please tell us right here!

Here’s a couple of perfect examples. We’re performing ‘I’m Not In Love’ by 10cc. They
had another great song entitled ‘The Things We Do For Love’. The former made it to the
top 10 and the latter only made it to the top 40. BINGO! GOOD ENOUGH, It’s IN!. A band
called The Foundations had a song called ‘Now That I Found You’ and another called

‘Build Me Up Buttercup’. The first one was sung by Clem Curtis and the second by Colin
Young. So the special dispensation we’re using to include the song in our set is, two
different band member lineups, two different lead singers, two different record
companies, both suing each other, and that makes two songs for ‘The One Hit
Wonderers’. So, we’re not gonna make more out of this that there really is. We’re just a
band playing some great songs, not an entry in the time capsule going on the Voyager
space expedition.

Another ‘release from obligation to exclude’ that we’re using goes something like this:
“Okay, sing the second verse from memory”.
If you can’t sing the song without google assistance then it’s not enough of a ‘hit’ worthy
of removing the band from the roster of ‘The One Hit Wonderers’.

Okay, enough of that, let’s have some fun!
Thank You.