“I Can See Clearly” – Johnny Nash

This one has the longest breath in all of popular music! The bridge, which goes to
a very thick synthesizer section, takes up a full 21 seconds in one breath. We all
have practiced this one more than any other section of a tune to get it right. This
is exceptionally difficult in hot weather but we get it every time as long as we all
remember to take in a big bag ‘o wind. This one was covered in the early ’90s by
Jimmy Cliff. He shortened the bridge :=)


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Got a memory of this song to share. Everytime it rains when me and the neighborhood kids wanted to go outside to play, we would play in our apartment hallway and annoy the other neighbors with our loud noises, but then when it stopped raining we all would sing part of this song together just being kids and having fun.

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