“It’s So Nice To Be With You” – Gallery

There were 7 bands with the name ‘Gallery’ throughout our musical travels, all over the map.
This one actually categorized themselves as ‘soft rock’ during their run. You probably won’t
recognize this song until the hook comes in after the intro. I still hear this one on all the genre
stations. There’s fantastic a solo played by a very young Paul Franklin on the pedal steel guitar
that I still don’t know how I’m gonna replicate! If you’ve ever listened to any country music in
the last 30 or more years then you’ve heard his playing on quite a lot of it.


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Pablo Amerio

I completely agree with the sentiment expressed in the article about “Gallery” and their music. It’s fascinating to learn about the different bands with the same name and their diverse musical styles. The categorization of “soft rock” during their run showcases their versatility. The song mentioned may not be immediately recognizable until the memorable hook kicks in, but it’s definitely a timeless tune that still receives airplay on various genre stations. The solo by Paul Franklin on the pedal steel guitar sounds incredible, and his talent has been showcased in country music for several decades. It’s amazing how his playing has left a mark on the industry.

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