“Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” – Edison Lighthouse

The Edison Lighthouse made this one a hit. Just off exit 129 on the Garden State Parkway
at Metuchen is the Lighthouse named for Thomas Edison. We still have no idea how a
band from London even knew this thing existed. It’s possible the The Eddystone Lighthouse
near Cornwall was what they meant to refer to, but it wound up as this. They’re still out
performing and you’ll hear the One Hit Wonderers doing this one just about every show.
This song features Tony Burrows singing lead. If you look him up he’s had the dubious
distinction of having been a One Hit Wonder 5 separate times with 5 different acts.
“My Baby Loves Lovin’ “, “Gimme Dat Ding”, “United We Stand” and “Beach Baby”, and
there are even more. If anybody had their proverbial ‘finger on the pulse’ of pop music it
would be him.


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