“The Israelite” – Desmond Dekker

The very first introduction to reggae in popular music. The lyrics were very difficult
for the audience to understand but that didn’t affect the success of this one. Wiki says
that Dekker wrote the song after overhearing a couple in public arguing about money.
Lou really cuts a groove on this one like coming down the Garden State Parkway in an
aircraft carrier.




Hi, we just saw your fabulous set at Rocktoberfest in Edison. Absolutely loved your group, glad we managed to catch the entire set.
But ….. we have to disagree that Desmond Dekker falls into the ‘one hit wonder’ category. Maybe he fell off the radar here in the USA but in UK (where we are originally from) he had many big hits including ‘OO7’, ‘You can get it if you really want’ and ‘Baby come back’ – and they’re only the ones we remember off the top of our heads. It would be sad if they weren’t released here.


    yeah, the wonderers have to look for any cheap excuse to INCLUDE songs :=) the only one that made the charts here
    was Israelite. thanks for coming to see our show. here’s hoping to see you again.

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