“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” – Robert John

This song has generated some politically correct controversy lately. It was originally
done in the ’30s across South Africa by a number of groups culminating in a definitive
version done by Solomon Linda and The Evening Birds. It bounced around until it was
picked up by Pete Seeger and his group The Weavers. Pete misunderstood the lyric and
added ‘O-Weem-o-weh’ to the choruses when it actually was pronounced ’00-Yim-bhuh-yeh’,
which in Zulu means ‘I am a lion’. Murray the K pushed it along with other east coast DJs
and The Tokens had a hit with it in 1961. Robert John did a note-for-note remake in ’71. Lou
makes this one an absolute joy to play.




I LOVE THIS SONG! was introduced to it as a little girl watching the Lion king.


    hi, Amanda! thank you for the kind words. come up and say howdy
    next time!

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