“Walk Away, Renee” – The Left Banke

Gary is mostly a violin player, fiddler to be precise, but he’s always loved the
music that can be made on violins of all varieties. His favorite player is a little
known but highly regarded violinist named Harry Lookofsky. Check out his version
of the Miles tune ‘Little Willie Leaps’ and you’ll see why he’s his fave. Well, one
of Harry’s kids was in the band called ‘The Left Banke’ and Harry played the string
section stuff. Harry was also responsible for the string section on the Quincy
Jones version of the Herbie Hancock tune, included in the Real Book, called
‘Tell Me A Bedtime Story’. At 2:13 Harry chimes in with Herbie Hancock’s brilliant
Rhodes solo. Yikes! Now, figure out how to play and sing this thing at the same time
and into the set list it goes. Stay tuned.


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