“Winchester Cathedral” – The New Vaudeville Band

We just HAD to include this one. First off, in 1966 there were ALL kindsa fantastic songs.
F’rinstance, “Good Vibrations”, “These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ “, “Strangers In
The Night”, “California Dreamin’ “….YEAH MAN, ’66 was a high water mark for popular
music greatness. Well, after looking it all up we learned that the #1 song was this one.
I can only imagine the attitude that the band developed in hopes of continuation of their
career. It ended, like it or not, as a One Hit Wonder with this campy classic. Andy assumes
the responsibility of the very essential vocal.

If you’re into a wake up call, check this out:
Look at the lineup of songs. As ‘The One Hit Wonderers’ we’re not at
liberty to perform alot of them but, WOW, did we have a good run!


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